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2016 Audax season has started – Chiltern Grit 200k


Yes we got round ok, cold and wet.. it’s February innit!

Cresties and friends enjoyed (wrong word?) the 200k or 100k versions of this new event. With some local knowledge (PBP training last year) we put in an extra scenic loop to give us some variety on the way back to the Aylesbury HQ to complete the first 100k, Ron and I have ridden those roads many times recently so you could call it local knowledge. The second half was far tougher, up-down-up-down as the Chilterns does so well. And if you thought the wind was a challenge in the first 100k?? Heading to Haddenham into a direct head wind caused a little friction within the group, as in; whose turn it was to sit on the front. That out of the way it was rather pleasant for the last 45k, Ron may disagree as he had cramp from not taking on enough water.

A few town sign sprints later we were back at the finish, and celebrated with a curry and a pint or two. Dany’s first 200k and I think he rather enjoyed it.

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