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Crest Hill Climb 2017

Hello everyone,

Saturday 21st of October saw the inaugural Crest Hill Climb challenge taking place at Hog Hill. The weather was very blustery, with the climb straight into a headwind, but it was thankfully dry and 8 riders lined up at the bottom of the Hoggenberg anticipating battle. There may have been more riders, but several had booked holidays, crashed their bikes, or just got sick in order avoid having to ride up the hill 5 times! Weak.

Cheered on by two men, a woman and a dog the first round got underway. With this event taking place as a knockout, the secret was not just speed but also tactics. This meant the first round was rather cagey, with no rider wanting to go to early. The closest round was V2 against Simon, which had less than half a wheels difference at the line.

 In round two the tactics changed somewhat, as riders went straight from the gun and those on the heavier bikes struggled to keep up. A brief shower did not damped spirits but added to the “glamour” of the event. Eventually we got to the final, which was Paul Elliot against Adam Hardy. These two had lined up earlier in the day which Paul managed to edge out, so this was Adams chance for revenge. However Paul repeated his plan from earlier, and stuck it in the big ring up the inside and steepest part of the climb and hoped for the best. He had managed to open up a small gap to Adam, which he managed to keep to the line. Matt Berry edged out Andy to take the 3rdplace, although he maintains he is the moral winner for using a proper “winter” bike. He may have a point, so next year I hope to hold the event during the summer, when any racing bike will be appropriate. Additionally I hope less people will be ill or searching for winters sun also. It was a really fun morning and something a bit different, and was followed by clubrun where some forgot the competition was over 😉

Please go to Facebook and look and like the photos (kindly taken by Matt G, Paul K and Liz). It takes me a while to write these reports and do the website so if you at least like some pictures I know people are looking at them!

Cheers, V2


Round 1: 
Andy 1-0 Rocket, Paul 1-0 Will, Adam 1-0 Matt, V2 1-0 Simon
Round 1 second chance: Matt 1-0 Rocket, Simon 1-0 Will

Round 2: Paul 1-0 Adam, Andy 1-0 Simon, Matt 1-0 V2
Round 2 second chance : Adam beats V2 and Simon
Semi final: Adam 1-0 Andy, Paul 1-0 Matt
Finals: Paul 1-0 Adam, Matt 1-0 Andy

Thanks everyone!

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