Crest Cycling Club

East Sussex 100 time trial

Crest’s Sue Rogers travelled to Eastbourne for this event on 18 August. Due to roadworks the original countryside course couldn’t be used due to roadworks so the event switched to four laps of the many-roundabouted A22 from Upper Dicker to Uckfield and back.  Sue said 58 roundabout crossings in total, plus a lot of traffic congestion due to Eastbourne Air Show, Hallington Horse Show, Eastbourne Triathlon and the roadworkers’ 10mph steam rollers and roadplaning machines all making an appearance on the course.  If that wasn’t exciting enough, another rider accidentally threw himself off his bike just in front of Sue so she stopped with him for a while to ensure he was okay.  5 hrs 15 mins and 32 secs netted her 2nd place and a generous £30 prize which nicely covered the petrol bill.

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