Crest Cycling Club

Gran Canaria Training Week

Well it was all going according to plan… Our usual climbs and descents then we got stuck up the mountain. A road on our route had been washed away.. sound farmiliar Ron? That stuck an hour or two on our day, then we went through the clouds and it got cold and dark, so a village hotel and restaurant was our only option. As it happened we fell on our feet when we found somewhere really nice, well it was probably average but when you’re desperate!? It all worked out but we could have come a cropper.
Back to the coast now for more sedate 50 mile rides for the rest of the trip (although at 165bpm).
Saturday’s ride was a blast, literally. Flat out racing each other for town signs and mountain tops with V1, V2, Farmer, Rocket and Pockets. Fun.

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