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Gran Canaria Training Week – March 2017

IMG_00182017 Gran Canaria 01

This year saw 14 of us turn out for this annual Crest extravaganza. Our all inclusive package meant that many hours were spent sorting out the world’s problems in the hotel bar, talking about the day and giving people new nick-names. Captain Mainwaring, Seargent Wilson, Pike, Private Godfrey, Private Walker, Frazer, Hodges IMG_0008the Warden, Jean-Luc Pickard, Spanner, and Razor.

The weather was a little overcast for most of the week but it didn’t spoil our riding, although our routes were generally shorter than previously, are we all getting more sensible? Or just older? One day saw us getting rather cold. Captain had lost charge of his troops and without a map amongst us Hodges knew the best way back so everyone was informed not to go past the Warden. It was quite cold by then as we were up high, Porky and Babs decided they knew the way and flew past the turn towards home. A conference was held amongst the troops present and a decision was taken to continue the correct way, we were all very cold and just wanted to get off the mountain. The descent was one of the steepest on the Island and most oIMG_0013f us shivered our way down, so much that Bone felt like his wheels were falling apart. All were wearing all their layers but of course there was always one person who was just wearing his short sleeve top but was aparently fine. We descended into gale force wind and hailstones, which just made Bone and Rocket laugh, I don’t think any one else was. At the bottom it was straight to the cafe for Hot Chocolates and Coffee and a warmer climate.

One day Lord Charles who was staying in a different Hotel told us he wouldn’t be out with us the next day as he had work to do so he was going to leave early and do a short ride. He set off without a IMG_0016map or a cape or any breakfast. Apparently he followed the coast and IMG_0014decided to head up Death Valley as he knew the way and just drop back down the other side. Inevitably he ran into the bad weather at the top of the island so had quite a miserable descent, The sensible ones at base camp had already decided to stay low that day. LC made a few wrong turns, got cold and wet, and by the time he got back he had done 131 miles. He still came out with us the next day – Respect.

A Big Thank you to Captain Mainwaring (Rocket) from the troops for organising another lads holiday.. Err I mean training camp.

Collarbone (Warden)


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