Crest Cycling Club

A Greek tour with our MAD friends from Maldon.


This was a tour that I would do again, with family and the like. Nice hotels & food, no need to use sleeping bags or sleep in bus shelters. Ron and I went a week early, because we could. Some might say to recce the route before the Maldon arrived. While we waited we cycled, drank wine with the locals, water skiied, and Ron jet propelled himself at the water sports centre.

Kalamata was the base, then a ride south to Stoupa, Marmari, Githio, Monemvasia, Mystras and back to Kalamata. A few rough tracks (which I particularly liked) and a few hills/mountains or whatwver you like tto call them. And 30 degrees most days, all good stuff.

Week one 211 miles, week two 256 miles.

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