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Mersea Madness

Summer is here so the Saturday Training Group have started on our summer awaydays. 1st up was a trip to Mersea Island. We thought this 114 mile route from Wakes would be an ideal start to the summer daytrip season –

Sadly we had a few run ins with angry locals en route to Mersea – seems the people of deep east Essex are not too keen on cyclists riding on their automobile only roads. The highlight was meeting an angry Troll in a neckbrace who was quite keen to do one of us a mischief. It was a particularly hot day and the heat may have had something to do with this I suspect.

Idiots aside the route took in some new lanes, a particularly grim cafe in Maldon and a lovely cafe in Mersea. Fireman Paul was on hand to demonstrate how to cross a greasy algae lined ford at speed – unfortunately Paul was the only rider capable of this maneuver and an already tired Neil had the misfortune to slip and fall off in the ford. Luckily Neil was ok except for a few grazes and we were able to ride the final 40 miles home together.

All of us ended up riding an excess of 130 miles and kudos should go to Neil for his 1st 100 plus mile ride. It was a tiring and long day but ultimately good fun.

Dunstable Downs next on July 15th!




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