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Racing Update

14095811_1254985774573453_6689219559104711510_nSo as we draw towards the end of the season, here is a quick summary of what has been going on the last month or so:

V2 wins at Stratford. So after many years of trying, James V2 Samuel has finally attained his 3rd cat licence thanks to a win at the Veloparks penultimate event. Some may question what the Olympic legacy really means, but thankfully for V2 it meant that someone built a race circuit without a hill, suiting his strengths perfectly. Moving up to second wheel by the last corner, V2 went early to avoid being boxed in, but had enough strength to hold the sprint to the line, to win by 0.021seconds. The Full gas Stratford race series in total had 585 competitors, and wins for V2 and a 2nd for Ryan Savage helped them finish 26th & 68th respectively.

North Weald draws to a close. For those not familiar, N Weald is run by “The League International” and as such sort of make up the rules as they go along. Therefore they can do standings for individual age categories, whilst running a free for all race at the same time. Everyone normally ends up finding someone of equal ability to race with. This year we have had Ryan and Mick Savage, Rocket, V2, Will H, Sneaky Simon, Paul Elliot and Rob Windsor all taking part, with regular support from Dawn. The overall results saw Mick win his age category comfortably. In fact he tried to convince the organisers he was 20 years younger so he could have “some proper competition”.  Will and Simon were 4th and 5th in the 30-40s, Ryan and V2 3rd and 7th in the 20-30s and Rocket was 11th in however old his group was. The race series runs every Tuesday over the summer at 1915 for just £10 and has reasonable prize money on offer. So if you are thinking of racing next year this series is well worth considering.

Club 10 series finishes. Adam Hardy continues his grip on the club 10 trophy, with a best times of 24.36, 24.42, 24.43 this year. Maybe he could have gone faster with some stiff competition, but with the 10 clashing with the popular N Weald series, unfortunately no one else completed 3 rides this year. In fact the only other times set were 27.52 by Paul Elliot and 30.03 by V2 (on the “longer” 10.8mile course.) I have a proposal for next year to help get more interest in the club 10 competition, which I will be proposing at the AGM.

Other Road racing? There is always a lull in road racing over the summer holidays, but it has not been helped this year as many have been cancelled due to last minute road works, or lack of accredited marshals. This is a shame as road racing has a strong tradition in the Eastern region, but it does look like this might be slowly coming under threat… Will and V2 did race at Hog Hill on bank holiday weekend, both finishing just outside the top 10 in their respective races.

Up coming events This weekend sees the 3 Rockets and Pete Wragg go to France to “compete” in the Ron Picardie, and the 2nd of October sees the Maldon RR which the Crest normally go well in. As things stand with V2 on 20 and Ryan on 18 BC points it has been a good year for the Crest, but there is still a lot to ride for!

 Cheers, V2

One thought on “Racing Update

  1. ian samuel

    Well done everyone.
    Next year we will concentrate on Northweald TLI road raceing
    A ten mile time-trial compertition. ?
    Olympic park circuit racing

    that leaves the Weekends Free !

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