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Racing Update, April

April’s racing saw more steady progress in the very competitive ERRL. The first road race was the Chelmer Challenge RR were V2 picked up 1 BC point (and more importantly £20!) for 10th place. Ryan had actually lead out the sprint and still rolled over in 16th. The week after was the Ashwell CC near Cambridge, a very rolling and exposed course lead to many splits and dropped riders. Again Ryan rode very strong and finished 16th again, with V2 30th with a small group 10 minutes down. Two weeks later was the Essex Roads Race where Ryan suffered a severe loss of form, finishing this time in 17th. In all 3 of these road races it’s worth noticing only half the fields are finishing, the speeds these races are run at is very impressive for just “3rd cats”.

In terms of circuit racing, Dunton and North Weald have started up, which sees Jordan, Will, Mike Savage and Rocket start up racing again for the first time this season. All 4 rode strongly, finishing in the main bunches of their respective races; with Mike and Rocket putting in lots of work to show the youngsters how it’s done. V2’s hopes of defending his 2nd overall in last year’s Dunton suffered a setback as a semiflat tyre hampered the sprint, finishing in…16th! V2 also got 16th in an Olympic park circuit race. I wonder what lucky number May will bring…

The club 10 time trials have started up again, and Adam Hardy has put down some very impressive early markers of 25m52s and 25m48s on the 10.4mile course. I’m sure he would love some competition, so if anyone fancies it the course starts near Alecs restaurant in Navestock. V2 tried but failed with 29mins.

May sees mainly Elite and 2/3/4 road races so not too sure we will have any riders in them, but there’s lots of circuit racing at N.Weald, Hog Hill and Dunton available to keep us busy. If anyone would like to race at any of these locations please give me an email for more information. Cheers V2

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