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Racing update, March


Hello everyone. Now we have a fantastic updated website complete with a blog and a newsletter, I have decided to revive my monthly racing updates, so everyone can know how we are getting on. Hope you enjoy…

Well the racing season is properly underway, and it started as it always does with the Crest RR. The months on the turbo, the long rides in the cold and rain, and that strict diet over Christmas are finally going to pay off (so I am told, I have never bothered with all that!). We had Simon, Grant and Ryan in the race, as well as half the club providing the support and marshalling – funny how everyone sticks to the same corners year after year, you think you’d all swap round. I was in a lead car but still couldn’t tell you exactly what happened, other than it was the usual story of relentless attacking and hard riding until a selection was made and a group of around 10 riders went clear. The appropriately named Tom Power of Strada sport eventually solo’d away on the penultimate climb for a great win. Our riders battled hard, but against others whose racing season started in December, it was perhaps a little too much too soon, the average speed was just under 25mph.  However, the biggest drama unfolded after the race, as Collarbone and Tony Harvey got hi-jacked in Littlebury Green by some Irish travellers and their dogs. All ended well, they even got £50 for their troubles, a fare Twig could only dream about.

Since the Crest RR, Ryan has also raced at Hogg Hill finishing just outside the top 10 in a sprint finish and rode several more ERRL 3/4 races with an attacking mentality, building good strength for the rest of the season. Grant has I believe got a few bunch finishes in some Surrey League races, and I used all my Gran Canaria mountain training to good effect as I sheltered the entire race at the pancake flat Olympic park before sprinting to 7th at the finish. That’s our first 3 points of season and I am optimistic many more are to follow!

April sees Ryan and I race the Chelmer Challenge, Aswell RR and Essex Roads RR, a few more 4th cat races at Hogg Hill and the Olympic park, and also the return of Dunton which proved very popular and successful for us last year. Always welcome to see a few new faces join the team for this years first event on the 28th April. Email me for details.

Cheers, speak to you again next month.

James V2 Samuel

Crest CC Race Sec

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