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Racing Update, May

Mike Savage-2nd in the LVRC national championships!
As I am sure most of you have heard, or even watched in person, Mike Savage finished 2nd in his national LVRC (league of veteran road cyclists) road race. You can ask him which age group he is… The race took place on the Blackmore/Viper circuit and the clubrun arrived just in time to watch the final lap. 1 rider broke free just after taking the bell and stayed away until the finish, with Mike sprinting clear of the bunch to take a fine 2nd place.  For those new to the club, Mike used to compete at the top level right across the country, and last year decided to start riding hard again and has already got back up to national standard. This race was a big objective for him, and now he just has the mission of beating his son Ryan in as many races as possible for the remainer or the season 😉
In the photo, Mike is presented his medal from Elg Egners, a local legend who amongst many achievements, was the first man to ride 30mph+ over a 25mile TT back in 1978.

In other racing, V2, Rocket, Ryan, Mike and Jordan have been racing at Dunton; attacking lots throughout the race to build up good fitness but avoiding contesting the bunch sprints which have been a little sketchy this year. Ryan has however sprinted and won every prime so far during the races, but as yet his team mates havn’t seen any of their fair share of the prize money!

North Weald continues to see a good Crest presence, with Simon, Will and Paul also taking part in the weekly series in addition to the riders above. So far the best result was from V2 who finished 5th with Simon in 7th as they got into a chase breakaway and then tactically played over stronger riders in the group on the final lap to take the spoils.

Finally Adam Hardy took part in “Newmarket bypass” 25m TT last weekend. His first ride on the course and finished just a few seconds over an hour, so a great first effort. You may have also read how Alex Dowsett then turned up and went round in 44-29 which was a little bit mean on everyone else.

June sees plenty more circuit racing, not too much sadly on the road. One or two road races have been cancelled for various reasons or another. If anyone would like any information about racing please get in touch. Cheers, James V2 Samuel

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