Crest Cycling Club

Retro Ronde 2016


Old geezers and old birds on old bikes. Lots of clanging about on the cobbles of Flanders. Eight Cresties turned out for our annual Belgian beer fueled retro ride. En route we spent a night in Ypres including a visit to the Menin gate and the nightly ceremony of the last post. A preparatory Saturday night meal with our friends of the Maldon CC the night before the battle commenced.

All a lot of fun. Furthermore it is an annual celebration of the junk turned treasure which takes up a lot of room in our sheds.

Oh and I forgot to mention that Grumpy Todger fell off the back of a borrowed triplet, much to the amusement of his onlooking club mates and quite a few other randoms. As no injuries were sustained apart from pride he is now the leading candidate for the annual Crest entertainment trophy.

Crest riders; Twig, Siobhan, Grumpy, Sans blé, Farmer, Chatty, Plug & Flash.

IMG_7009-2 IMG_7002-2

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