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The Horsepower 100 Audax


On 12th March a number of Crest riders rode the Horsepower 100k Audax from Dunmow. There was an excellent Crest turnout and the whole event was ridden as a group – I think Crest must have impressed – 2 abreast and through and off both there and back! Great weather, minimal wind (the older members of the group) and not too much traffic. A good spread at the end too – soup especially!

2 thoughts on “The Horsepower 100 Audax

    1. Matt Berry Post author

      Yes should have mentioned the total lack of punctures (though will that jinx the club?) and the mass pee stop! It was a great season opener for a lot of us ….. a recommended event. Anyone doing the Shaftesbury 200 on Saturday?

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