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The Shark

The Shark

To the seaside and back in a day; all sounds very romantic. Not when you’ve got a dodgy tummy and it’s pouring with rain. Well it was take it or leave it to the feed at 71k. A rest and a feast healed the wounds. Then the weather relented and we could enjoy the climb and descent over the South Downs.
We hardly smelt the sea air at the midpoint turn, a quick photo and we were retracing north again.
It’s a lumpy route, Toys Hill on the North Downs with 192k (from home) in my legs, then the rather unforgiving 14% of Brasted hill at 200k.
A fantastic route, many roads I’ve covered before but never in one single ride.
Riders; Collarbone, Flash, Derek, Grant, Mick and Farmer.

Organised by Hackney Audax Club

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