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Winter Racing Summary

Obviously, the racing season takes a slight back seat over the winter, but there has been some racing still going on!

Word Airline Cycling Championships: V2 and Rocket travelled out to Abu Dhabi for the WACC representing the BA team. For a full report please check out the full blog available on the website. But in short, BA got 1st, 2nd, and 6th in the road race, which won the overall team prize. V2 lead of the bunch sprint and rolled across in 20th. Rocket was at the back of the bunch. The next day was the Team Time Trial. Again, BA’s A team won the 30km course in a time just over 40 minutes. The Rockets were in team B finishing in just over 45minutes, which took 5th place out of the 10 starting teams.

Crest Road Race: The Crest RR has just taken place. A cold and vicious day saw half the ride pack in a little over 2 laps, justifying the Crest’s racers decision to sit this one out. 14 finishers slogged it out to the end, which saw last year’s winner Tom Power win again. For a full report please check out Wills excellent write up at

Full gas winter league: V2 competed in several ¾ races at Stratford in order to get race fit for the Airline Championships. Opting to stay safe has seen a few bunch finishes, but also a 14th in the E123, although to be fair there were only 14 finishers… Will also made an attendance at 1 event and also decided to opt out of the last lap Russian roulette. Full gas track league: Will has been racing at the Lee Valley Velodrome but has been very tight-lipped over his success. This photo was apparently for 4th place.

Upcoming races: March Hare at Stratford and then, after Gran Canaria, we expect to have some riders at the Chelmer RR where V2 was top 10 last year, then North Weald starts up in early May. Anyone who wants to get into racing this is the place to start (or Dunton which is running again this year) so please get in contact with me.

Please also keep your eyes peeled for a Racing Whatsapp group that I plan to start in the next few days. Many thanks

James V2 Samuel Racing and Competitions Sec

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